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A WordPress and Shopify web design studio with a love for user-friendly design and working with entrepreneurs/businesses that are dedicated to their craft + making an impact.

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Thrive in the digital space

I’m Megan, the User Experience designer / website creator behind Nutmeg. I build user-friendly, conversion-focused websites that help  businesses thrive in the digital space and beyond. Taking on a limited number of projects at a time and offering a one-to-one experience, Nutmeg’s website creation service is designed to get your new WordPress or Shopify website launched in two-four weeks from the start date.
Strategic, streamlined and intentional. 

Why work with Nutmeg?

Focusing on User Experience Design

UX design is about understanding the various ways your target audiences use your website and how you want them to use your website. The outcome is an intuitive and  conversion-focused website that helps your business get more sales.

strategy first, then design

Spending time getting to know your business and what it needs. Then, building a website around clear and actionable goals, which support and align with business goals.

Creating easier-to-manage eCommerce solutions

Helping growing eCommerce and
product-based businesses identify the right eCommerce solution for their business, whether that’s a bespoke WordPress/Woocommerce website with complex functionality or a move to an easier-to-manage and grow Shopify online store.

"Megan took the time to really understand the business' vision and values and has captured this perfectly"

“After 24-years in business and numerous websites finally we have a website that is really working for us, reflects our business and we are proud of it. Megan took the time to really understand the business’ vision and values and has captured this perfectly. The website was launched in mid-May 2020. Despite our industry (international tourism) being one of the hardest hit by COVID-19, within a month of launching the website we had our first sale. Seamless integration between the website, social media platforms, as well as backend automation, has resulted in vastly increased engagement with our target market resulting in quality sales leads as well as value adds to our existing clients. The feedback from our current and new clients as well as business partners has been fantastic. Since the launch of the site, Megan’s commitment to ongoing support and introducing new innovative ideas has not stopped. It really does feel like Megan is part of our team.”

- Andrew Anderson, CEO, African Insight Academy

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WordPress and Shopify web designer based in Hilton, Pietermaritzburg South Africa. Working with clients worldwide.


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