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My mission is to help independent businesses create beautiful,
user-friendly websites so they can grow with confidence.

I'm Meg, founder and web designer at Nutmeg. I've been working in ecommerce since 2010, for brands big and small, including a nationwide care rental company and one of the UK's biggest personal finance websites.

Building a business is hard. There’s excitement, terror and overwhelm. Add ecommerce to the mix, and you’re in for a wild ride!

My website design service helps you conquer the overwhelm of creating or redesigning a website for your business. 

Whether you’re a new product-based business looking for your first ever website or a seasoned business owner wanting to improve conversions and user experience, I’d love to help.

A nurturing and intuitive process where you feel heard and your
vision honoured.

Together, we’ll plan out each element of your website, starting with the flow (website structure) and look and feel of the design. We have a simple goal in mind: make it easy and appealing for your website visitors to take action. Whether that’s a new sale, subscriber, or both.

After working with me, you’ll be the owner of a beautiful new website, designed to convert and easy to manage yourself.  

Stay Curious

Because the world is extraordinary… but it’s easy to forget to look with wonder.

Be Kind

Because kindness connects and heals the broken bits.

Live Simply

Because only a few things truly matter.


I’ve been working within the ecommerce space since 2010 for both large, nationwide brands and small, local ones.

I built my first Shopify website in 2015, for a small local business selling MTB and road bikes. I helped them appear on the first page of Google as a result of the SEO work I did (competing against all the big established bike retailers).

This lead to significant growth in organic sales. Back then we did no paid digital advertising – all online sales came from organic Google search. I was hooked on eCommerce from this lovely moment.

I left my marketing agency job in 2016 to have a baby and in 2018 started Nutmeg. From shakey, messy, imperfect beginnings (often with a tiny girl sleeping in my lap),  I’ve since grown in confidence, clarity and expertise after helping many small businesses launch websites they’re excited to share.  

I’ve since become a mama of two and currently have another babe sleeping in my lap…

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