Stay Curious

I help ethically-minded and sustainability-focused brands launch beautiful websites that help their businesses grow stronger so they can continue making a positive impact and influence on the world and communities around them.

I'm Meg - digital marketer / web designer / photographer / and founder of Nutmeg - a boutique digital studio that works with
ethically-minded small businesses.

I specialise in eCommerce websites and Shopify. My design style is clean, modern, elegant and minimal – have a look at my portfolio here.

I believe that product-based businesses play a vital role in building a more sustainable world. They have the power to radically change perception, habits and shopping behavior by launching eco-friendly and socially-caring product ranges that benefit the planet and its inhabitants. 

My mission is to support and help them grow their reach and impact.


Towards a better future

I am committed to building a better future. This means doing what I can to live sustainably, both at home and in business. My journey is imperfect, but I know that the only way forwards is to take action, and support and gently influence others to do the same.