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Why Nutmeg?

Because I love the sound and meaning of this
earthy word:

Nutmeg – a warm and powerful medicinal spice. Healing properties include the ability to relieve pain and insomnia, instill calm and revive. According to folk lore, this magical spice brings good luck and prosperity.

Hi I'm Megan, founder and web designer at Nutmeg, a boutique WordPress and Shopify web design studio based in Hilton, KZN, South Africa.

Like me, you’re driven by something deeper than the desire to make more money. Of course, growing a profitable and sustainable business is important to you. But something more meaningful drives you in business (and in life).

Your business is rooted in purpose, passion and meaning. My service is designed to help you communicate this through intentional design so you can form deeper connections with the people who visit your website and work with your brand. Because it’s through these connections that people remember your business and become your loyal and best-loved customers
and clients.

Megan Hodson
Megan Hodson 2

My Story

I resigned from my job as a marketer back in 2017 to take care of my firstborn child and I started Nutmeg a few months later, often with a tiny child sleeping in my arms. As a full-time employee for over 10 years working in the communications and marketing industries, I always felt something was missing. I yearned for a life filled with more creativity and meaning. Becoming a mother made me take action towards living life on my terms, showing my daughter that she too could follow her heart. I’ve learned a lot about launching and growing a business since those early days…

Now I manage a growing web design business, driven by passion for beautiful and thoughtful design and helping fellow small business owners navigate the often overwhelming world of websites and digital marketing.

Is my web design service for you?

The sorts of businesses I love working with:

My Process

I spend time getting to know your business, your customers, your industry and your goals so I can help you create + implement bespoke design + digital solutions that work.

Why work with me?

Getting to know yout business first

My service is centered around getting to know your business. I listen to your story and the dreams you have for your passion-driven brand. I then help you craft a meaningful and beautiful website that supports your goal of building a profitable and sustainable business.


I custom design your website with love, care and attention to detail. No shortcuts.

I operate an ethical business

These values are important to me: Honest communications, transparency, passion, integrity, courage, vulnerability, patience and kindness.

I share my knowledge and expertise with you

I have been working in the communications and digital marketing industries for over 10 years. I have worked in busy publishing houses and fast-paced agency environments. I bring all that I have learned and experienced to each and every project. My skillset covers brand and marketing strategy; brand styling; graphic design; brand communications; conversion optimisation; content marketing and search engine optimisation.