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The Go package is designed to be a quick and efficient Shopify Store Creation service for founders and small teams who want a small, simple, beautifully functional Shopify store without long project timelines and at a lower price point. This package still includes store planning guidance, Shopify training and a beautiful + user-friendly website design. The shorter timeline, with only 2 revision rounds, combined with using Dawn as the theme base, keep the project focused, budget friendly and intentional. 

The Pro package is aimed at founders and teams that are looking for a gentler pace, with more wiggle room for extra revision rounds, and attentive, one-to-one consulting. In a nutshell, this is our more premium package that includes thoughtful designer flourishes, coded theme styling customisations, a premium theme from the Shopify store and the creation of strategic marketing automations such as an email marketing welcome flow and abandoned cart reminders. 

Book a clarity call with Meg online here if you’d like a custom quote or want to chat through your requirements in more detail.

We are not simply Shopify web designers…

Our service includes helping you plan every part of your online shop – including planning a conversion-focused homepage layout, copy prompts and deciding on what payments gateways to use.

There are so many moving parts when it comes to creating an online shop for your business – our supportive service gently navigates you through all of these.

All packages include Shopify video training to empower you to manage your own online shop after launch. We also help you set up essential marketing automations such as a welcome email series (sent to new subscribers) and an abandoned cart sequence to recover abandoned checkouts.

Working with a professional and experienced Shopify designer studio such as Nutmeg ensures your website will be user-friendly, beautiful, on-brand and conversion-focused. 

Great question!

We’ve built many WordPress/WooCommerce powered online shops. This has given us insight into how Shopify and WordPress differ and the truth is Shopify is far superior to WordPress when it comes to managing, integrating and scaling an eCommerce business.

Shopify is a purpose-built eCommerce business management system. It includes:

  • Performance-focused cloud-based web hosting.
  • Ecommerce website maintenance and online security.
  • A point-of-sale system.
  • An eCommerce website that’s easy to edit (and never breaks after plugin updates).
  • Inventory management.
  • Global market selling functionality.
  • Multi-channel selling with Amazon, eBay, Pinterest and Meta integrations (to name a few).
  • Advanced analytics built into the dashboard.
  • Plus so much more.

Sellers switching from WordPress to Shopify will be amazed at how intuitive, easy and integrated Shopify’s ecosystem really is. Shopify is hands down the best solution for sellers who want to focus on the actions that move their business forward.

No you don’t need to sign up to a monthly Shopify plan while we build your website.

As official Shopify partners, we are able to create a special development website for your project. This is where we build your entire online shop and you can view it live as it progresses.

Once you’ve approved the website, we transfer store ownership to you. This is when you choose a Shopify plan and your website becomes live.

No it definitely won’t go offline!

We will redesign your website on an unpublished theme. This means we rebuild in the background while your existing website stays live and active. We only publish the new design once you’ve approved it. At this point we’ll do lots of testing to ensure everything is working as it should.

Yes – the beauty of Shopify is that it’s easy for store owners and managers to edit their own websites, including editing the design of all their main content pages including the homepage.

All our packages include video training guides showing you how to edit your website.

Yes – the studio’s owner, Megan Hodson, comes from a communications / content SEO background and has worked with eCommerce websites since 2010.

All website creation packages include foundational SEO to ensure the site is built according to best practices.

However – foundational sEO is rarely enough, especially in eCommerce, to get a website onto the first page of search engine results for targeted keywords. Therefore, we do offer an Advanced SEO add-on.

Advanced SEO includes:

  • Keyword research including competitor research
  • SEO content strategy
  • Website audit + on-page technical SEO

If you’re interested in our Advanced SEO package, please let us know during the discovery phase of your project.

It often happens that while we’re building your website you realise that there is an extra customization or addition you really want (that wasn’t in the initial scope of work).

We will try to accommodate your request as best as possible. This might sometimes mean your project takes longer to complete or it costs extra for the additional development time required to customise, add or tweak functionality. All of this will be disclosed to you before proceeding with your customization request.

No – we do not offer custom theme development as a service as this is not something our target clients are looking for.

Please note that custom theme design and development comes with a long timeline and a starting price of at least $10 000 USD.

Yes, the studio designs and develops brochure-style WordPress websites for a range of service-based businesses. 

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