What’s stopping people from buying?

It’s tough convincing people to buy from your website. Conversion rates vary depending on your niche and location, sitting anywhere between 1 – 5% (5% being a superb, above-average conversion rate).

If your website has a 1% conversion rate this means you need at least 100 website visitors per day to get 1 sale a day. That’s a lot of traffic for a new website/brand that doesn’t yet have a big audience.

But even if you’re getting website visitors, it doesn’t mean they’re going to buy. So, what’s preventing them from buying?

Here are some issues that are hurting your website’s conversion rate:

#1 Low quality and / or irrelevant images
#2 Not clear what you’re selling
#3 Not clear why someone should choose your brand / products
#4 Your website is confusing or difficult to use / navigate
#5 Your website looks DIY-ed
#6 Your website lacks trust features like clear, easy-to-find store policies, payment method logos, real customer reviews, a non-generic about page and business contact details
#7 Your website doesn’t look good on smartphones
#8 Unexpected / uncompetitive shipping rates
#9 You’re not nurturing / building a relationship with first-time visitors

Many small businesses think that conversion rate optimization is something only bigger websites do. But this simply isn’t true. Conversion rate optimization begins with getting the basics right – build a strong, conversion-focused website and integrate it with a thoughtful marketing plan and you’re well on your way to growing a sustainable business.

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