Trying to DIY your own Shopify website? Read this

Shopify is marketed as an easy platform for you to create your own eCommerce website quickly. But if you’ve started a free Shopify trial and tinkered with setting up your website you’ve probably realised a few things:

  • it’s going to take you much longer to learn Shopify than you first anticipated.
  • It’s really not easy to get your homepage looking and feeling the way you want.
  • Choosing a theme is overwhelming (there are so many on the theme store).

Many of my clients come to me after trying to DIY their Shopify website.

They’re feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and disheartened.

They really don’t have time to be trying to figure this all out themselves.

I can relate to this because I felt the same a few years ago when I first started using Shopify…

In 2015 I was a digital marketing manager working at an agency in South Africa. My boss wanted us to start offering Shopify website services. She tasked me with helping one of our clients (a local sports shop selling MTB bikes and gear) set up their first Shopify website.

This was a crazy first project. The client wanted their whole physical store catalogue to go online – 200+ products. I spent days figuring out the most intuitive way to categorise all these products. It took me ages to find the right theme, learn how to customise it and get the website up to scratch and ready to launch.

It was overwhelming and messy. I made lots of mistakes. It took me a long time to learn it all on my own.

I pushed through with grit and determination (and lots of late nights) and helped our client launch a modern, bold and clean eCommerce website that they loved. I then helped them climb onto the first page of Google for strategic keywords (achieved by consistent blogging). The project was successful and I loved Shopify from that moment.

But… as a busy and ambitious business owner eager to get your beautiful new website up and running quickly so you can start selling, you probably don’t have months and months to figure out Shopify. 

There are so many moving elements that make up a successful eCommerce website and launch. It’s a lot to figure out yourself.

And you really don’t have to do it all alone!

Work with me to efficiently and quickly plan + create a beautiful, modern, conversion-focused website for your brand without the overwhelm and frustration of trying to do everything yourself.

Benefits of working with me as your experienced Shopify pro designer: 

  • I’ll help you efficiently and quickly create and launch your Shopify website.
  • My service includes helping you find the perfect-fit theme with the right aesthetics, features and functionality for your niche.
  • I’ll design a gorgeous website aligned with your brand aesthetic that includes coded theme customisations to give your website a more distinctive feel.
  • I’ll hold your hand and walk you through every stage of setting up an eCommerce website for your business, including content planning, payment methods, shipping rates, email marketing and omnichannel selling.
  • You’ll feel confident and happy to share your website knowing it’s optimised to grow your business the right way.
  • I’ll record bite-size training videos that show you how to manage your own store after launch.

No more overwhelm. No more frustration. Just a smooth and supportive process that ends in a gorgeous, conversion-optimised, easy-to-manage Shopify website for your brand.

Like the sound of this?

Book a free call with me here so I can learn more about your project. After our call, I’ll send you a proposal and quotation. We can then get started planning your new Shopify website.

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