One of the biggest mistakes I see eCommerce store owners making

One of the biggest mistakes I see eCommerce store owners (especially new one’s) making time and time again: not collecting customer reviews or feedback.

Social proof builds trust in your brand. Showing real customer reviews on your website and social media channels helps your website convert more browsers into customers. Just think how many times you’ve been convinced (or dissuaded) to buy something because of the reviews.

Customer reviews also provide insight into your customers’ experiences, helping your brand to grow, improve and better serve the people who matter.

Yet I still see so many eCommerce websites failing to collect customer reviews or feedback. Some only consider this months or even years later, when they have already lost out on so many reviews and customer insight.


Setting up a system to collect customer reviews on autopilot is easy.

All major eCommerce website platforms, including Shopify and WordPress’s WooCommerce, have apps and plugins that can be quickly set up to send out automated review requests to customers who have recently placed an order from your store. This means you can create a review system on autopilot.

Some of my favourite customer review apps and plugins for Shopify and WooCommerce include:

Many of these have free plans and include step-by-step instructions walking you through how to set them up on your website.

Worried about fake or negative reviews? With most of these review apps and plugins you can approve customer reviews before publishing.

Responding to your customer reviews

It’s good practice to make sure you respond to both negative, positive and just-ok reviews. This shows you listen to your customers and care. It’s also important to track your reviews; often the just-ok, middle-of-the-range, 3-star reviews are actually the most helpful because they indicate areas where you could improve.

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