5 reasons I love Shopify for eCommerce websites (and why you should too!)

I’ve tinkered with a few website platforms and Shopify is really my favourite for online shops. Here’s why:

1. Shopify websites are fast, especially on mobile devices. This is important because a slower-loading website results in more people leaving your website before it loads (bounce rate), which equals fewer sales.

2. No more worries about web hosting & maintenance
Your Shopify plan includes fast, cloud-based web hosting with servers all over the world (this means your website loads quickly in all locations). It also includes software and infrastructure updates… No more worrying about a plugin or WordPress software update breaking your website!

3. An intuitive way to manage your store. One thing I love about Shopify is that they put merchants first, always working on improving the store management experience. This results in a beautiful dashboard interface that is easy to use. They also have an app for store management on the go.

4. Shopify integrates easily with all main email marketing services, Facebook / Instagram Shop, and Pinterest to name a few. It’s also possible to sync your online store with your physical store.

5. Easily extend store features and functionality with Shopify-approved apps. The App Store is big. You can use apps to do things like create subscription products, sync with shipping carriers, geolocate, offer multiple currencies and launch referral/affiliate programmes (to name a few). There are also some amazing apps that help you collect image and video reviews from customers.

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