We helped Bag Ladies Tea redesign and move their online shop from WordPress to Shopify.

An intuitive and innovative eCommerce solution that doesn't require fussy maintenance

Bag Ladies Tea is an established business based in the US that sells specialty teas. The brand’s old eCommerce website was built in WordPress. 

Problems with the old website:

  • Outdated design that didn’t adapt to small mobile screens.
  • Hard to manage and maintain – the WordPress website kept breaking because of plugin conflicts, leaving the team feeling stressed, anxious and frustrated.
  • The online store felt hard to use.

Drag the line to see the before and after screenshots

Before After

Goals for this project

  • Move the Bag Ladies Tea website from WordPress to Shopify for an easier-to-manage online store that doesn’t require maintenance.
  • Show the team how to use Shopify to manage their online shop.
  • Create a beautiful, functional and easy-to-use eCommerce website.


Project Notes

As you can see from the before and after screenshots, this transformation has set Bag Ladies Tea up with a beautiful, modern and mobile-responsive website.

Most importantly – the new website is now much easier for the team to manage. Shopify is an all-in-one eCommerce solution, which means it includes fast cloud hosting, website software maintenance, a beautiful website and online store management tools all in one service.

This makes it an ideal option for small and big businesses looking to streamline and improve their eCommerce website management system. With Shopify, founders and teams no longer need to worry about their website breaking due to plugin and software conflicts. They can focus on the actions that grow their business, knowing their website is protected and maintained by Shopify.

Shopify’s integrations with other platforms such as Amazon, Meta, eBay and Pinterest, as well as a POS system, make it a powerful tool for multi-channel selling.

It’s hands down our favourite solution for growth-focused sellers.

Update December 2023: Bag Ladies Tea’s online shop is now seeing a healthy and above average conversion rate of 4.4%.

Learn more about our Shopify services here.

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