Transforming Soul of Africa Travel’s 10-year old website into a modern and user-friendly space.

Reviving Soul of Africa Travel's online presence

Richelle, founder of Soul of Africa Travel, reached out in March 2023 for a WordPress website redesign. Her business celebrated its 10th year anniversary in 2023 and she wanted to honor this remarkable milestone by revamping her brand and website.

Built in 2013, she felt embarrassed to send people to her outdated website. Notably – it didn’t work on smartphones. The user experience was confusing and not doing her brand any favors.

Here’s a snapshot of what her old website looked like:
Before After

Goals for the website redesign

  • Communicate Soul of Africa’s value through high-quality design and content.
  • Improve the user experience.
  • Make it easy for a visitor to take action.
  • Create an online space that Richelle is excited to share.



We achieved the goals by:

Helping Richelle develop a content plan for her website that communicated the benefits of working with her, her brand’s values and her approach.

Writing simple and impactful website copy for all the pages of her website.

Improving the brand’s credibility by showcasing client testimonials on key website pages.

Transforming the website navigation system. The result is a simpler and easier to use navigation menu, with more action-oriented links.

Using a hero video on the homepage to capture a visitor’s attention and visually communicate the brand’s core offering.

Creating a clean, user-friendly and bespoke design that reflects Soul of Africa’s attention to detail and high standards.

Optimizing the design for smartphone screens.

Creating a call-to-action section on the bottom of all pages to make it easy for visitors to inquire.

The end result is a gorgeous new website that celebrates the evolution of Soul of Africa Travel, evoking the spirit of adventure.

Brand identity design by Andrea Barras.

We focused on improving the mobile experience, including a custom slide-in menu just for mobile users.

We designed social media launch graphics to celebrate the new website.

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