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Ovi Formulas is a UK-based, women-owned start-up that has developed a high-quality and natural multi-vitamin supplement for women suffering from PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome).

Louise Robbie, a qualified nutritionist, developed her product after suffering for years with PCOS and finding barely any natural supplements to help with her healing and symptom management.

It takes grit and passion to develop a product range. It’s an honour to play a role in Louise’s journey*, helping bring her brand and amazing product online. We connected from the first discovery call; Louise is full of energy, kind, open and a joy to work with.

Project goals:

  1. Create a modern, conversion-focused Shopify eCommerce website for the Ovi Formulas brand.
  2. Set up subscription functionality on the website so that customers have the option to buy the product as a once-off or as a monthly subscription where their product gets delivered automatically every month.
  3. Show Louise how to use her Shopify website so that she feels confident managing every part of the online store.


Notable features of this project:

This website is built using the Be Yours theme from the Shopify theme store. I coded in a number of style customisations to give the website a more distinctive feel. This included adding custom brand fonts, changing font colours in different places and mobile design optimisations including separate sections that are only visible on a phone.

I set up the Recharge app for recurring payments so that customers can choose to purchase the product once-off or, conveniently, get it delivered monthly as part of a subscription plan (subscribers also get 10% off).

I really love Recharge. It was easy to set up and the only thing I found limiting were the email notification templates, which are basic out-of-the-box. To solve this I designed and coded custom email templates for Ovi Formulas.

Customer experience is an important consideration when it comes to recurring payment products. Customers need to be able to easily login to their account and manage the subscription. Customer experience is where Recharge delivers, with a clean and user-friendly customer portal that even has upsell functionality. I understand why this app is highly rated.

The end result is a modern, conversion-focused eCommerce website built on Shopify.

What is Shopify: Shopify is a user-friendly eCommerce management platform for small and big businesses that gives you simplicity, peace-of-mind, and a gorgeous website. It’s my favourite platform for growing online stores.

* Ovi Formulas brand identity design is by Andrea Barras.

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