Jen de Charmoy

Custom-designed WordPress website

A design that's authentic, simple, warm and considered

Photography & WordPress Web Design

Jen reached out to me on Instagram after seeing my work. I was immediately drawn to her work; ceramic vessels in organic shapes and natural earthen colours – and I knew instantly I’d love this project!

Since Jen lived nearby in Cape Town (I live in Franschhoek), I decided to offer my photography services as part of the project. Jen wanted a simple and authentic design. To achieve beauty in simplicity, it’s crucial to have high-quality imagery that aligns with the brand’s visual identity. 

Taking the photos for Jen’s website was an amazing opportunity for me to achieve exactly what I envisioned; distinctive and whimsy beauty that artfully shows off Jen’s products. Jen’s vessels ask to be admired and held and I wanted the imagery to communicate this.

This is one of my favourite projects to date and is a great example of how beautiful imagery combined with a simple layout, carefully-chosen fonts + colours and white space come together beautifully.

Scroll down for images and mockups from this project.