Our new adventure begins with a discovery call. During our call, we talk about your business and where you’re taking it. We chat about what you’re looking for and what will make the project a success. I’ll probably make some recommendations.  Know this – I never shy from sharing my opinion, even when it differs from yours.

After our call, I may send you a questionnaire to complete if I still have questions. 

Next, I send you a proposal that has everything you need to get started working together – including a quotation, project timeline and a payment plan. This is valid for one week. You decide whether you want to proceed, or not.

Gathering Content

I set up your project in Trello – a simple project management tool. I create a video welcoming you to Trello and showing you
how to use it. I send you my content delivery toolkit that helps me get all the information I need in order to begin design. The toolkit includes strategy and copywriting guides. We confirm a design start date. All website content must be sent to me before the design start date. If I don’t receive all your content, then your design start date will be rescheduled to the next available date in my calendar.


I create a mood board. This directs the look and feel of your website design using inspiration imagery, typography and colours. The mood board is based on the inspiration websites you’ve listed (I ask for these during the content gathering stage) and from our conversations. Once approved, I start designing your website, beginning with the homepage wireframe and mockup.

Shopify websites – For entirely new Shopify websites I create a development store from my Shopify partner dashboard. This means you only begin paying for a Shopify subscription when I transfer store ownership to you and the website goes live. WordPress websites – I design and develop on a special url I create for your project and move the design to your domain once you’ve given the go ahead (when the website is complete).

Style and feedback

As a designer two things are important to me: 

1. You connect with my design style, which a lovely client once described as elegant minimalism. Essentially – my style is clean and modern (leaning towards simplicity). I design with the website user in my mind – intending to create an easy and joyful online experience for them when they visit your website. I’ll always sprinkle personality into the design, particularly for bold brands that need bold and impactful design.

2. You provide honest and useful feedback. If you don’t like something, don’t just state you don’t like it; be more specific and explain why. Show me examples of what you do like instead (and tell me why).  


I design and build all parts of your website. I set up your online payments, order confirmation emails, notifications, shipping and tax rates. I load your products. I do basic search engine optimisation and connect your website to email marketing software like MailerLite or Omnisend (my two favourites for eCommerce). 

I set up things like abandoned cart emails, a reviews app and any other apps or plugins your website needs (we decide this during discovery).

I test your website on different screen sizes (wide screen, laptop, mobile and tablet) and popular browsers. I ask you to review the website one last time. We prep to go live.


We launch your new website!

Project Process

1. Discovery

We begin with a discovery phase to learn more about your business and explore what it needs. 

How it works:  Book a complimentary, 30-minute discovery consultation here so I can learn more. Once I have gathered enough information from talking to you and asking you to complete a project briefing questionnaire, I’ll create and send you a proposal, which includes a quotation, project brief and timeline. You can then book your project.

2. Strategy | Gathering Content

This phase is all about planning your new website; what pages it will have, conversion-optimisation features, marketing integrations such as an email marketing funnel and/or Facebook + Instagram Shop. It’s also about gathering content for the website: copy for each page (I also offer a website copywriting  service); images; video; and product data if it’s an eCommerce project.

I use Trello as a project management tool and will add you to this + show you how to use it. Using Trello keeps everything in one place.

3. Designing the look and feel

This phase is all about designing the look and feel of your new website, starting with a website style guide (showing fonts, colours and style inspiration), homepage wireframe and homepage design mockup(s). 

4. Developing functionality | gathering feedback

This phase is about building out the functionalities and integrations included in your project. It’s also about reviewing the website and providing feedback.

5. Testing | prepping to go live

This phase includes: testing the website across a number of devices and screen sizes; testing eCommerce functionality and automations, including email marketing integrations; finalising search engine optimisation; prepping the website to go live; and a launch campaign/countdown. Every package includes 7 days’ tech support after going live and website video training for people and teams who want to manage and maintain their own websites. 

6. Growing

I offer a range of website care and content marketing packages. Services include WordPress maintenance and hosting; Google Analytics reports; SEO development and content creation (creating content for social media, email campaigns and your website’s blog).

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