Try this to improve your website’s conversion rate

Address customers’ concerns and hesitations before they buy from you

I have found that a really valuable exercise all store owners should do is list out the concerns and hesitations potential customers have before buying.

These are things like:

Is this business legit? 

What happens if I don’t like my product, it doesn’t fit and I want to return or exchange it?

How much does it cost to deliver my order?

Is this made locally or imported from elsewhere?

When will my order arrive?

Make sure to address these concerns on your website by:

  • Creating a professional, well-designed website that builds trust.
  • Including real customer reviews (so important to build trust in your brand!).
  • Show trust symbols in the footer (bottom of website), ie payment method logos.
  • Having a clear and fair Returns & Refunds policy and process that’s easy to find (include it in your footer).
  • Transparent shipping costs and process: I like to have shipping info on the product page (as a dropdown option beneath the important product details) and in the footer.
  • Include details about how and where your products are made. Especially important for sustainable and ethical businesses. But please no greenwashing!
  • Include an FAQ page that answers questions, concerns and hesitations.
  • Make it easy for customers to contact you. Make sure your website has an email address, phone number and business address. Bonus – include live chat functionality (but make sure you have a team member on board to quickly respond otherwise don’t have it).

About Meg

I’m a web designer based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. My mission is to help small businesses create beautiful, user-friendly websites so they can grow sales and inquiries with confidence.

I work with brands around the world and specialise in Shopify and WordPress websites.

I’ve been working with digital media for over a decade now. Without doubt, website rebuilds and makeovers are my favourite sorts of projects.

There’s something so satisfying about helping to transform a brand’s online space into a website they’re proud and excited to share knowing it’s designed to get results.