Things that help me build a meaningful business while working from home with small humans

1. Prioritizing my mental and physical health.

As business owners, we’re under so much pressure as is. Add parenthood to the mix, and it can feel really overwhelming and chaotic. Good nutrition and daily movement have really helped me in so many ways. I’m more creative, more disciplined, more resilient, happier, calmer, healthier.

2. Redefining how I work (and letting go of old ways). It’s not possible to work 7 – 8 hour days. Sometimes it’s not possible to even have set working hours. This has made me redefine what working looks like. I get things done in short bursts throughout the day, work at night after the kids have gone to bed and reserve deep work that requires focus for when the kids are napping/sleeping.

3. Slowing down and being more intentional. I once tried to do too much at once (sometimes I still do!). I’m trying to slow down and focus on each task. I create a small daily task list and tackle big projects by breaking them down into bite-size chunks.

4. Connect more personally with potential clients. I like to have discovery calls with all new potential clients. Although it’s hard scheduling this into my day with a 16-month-old colleague, I have stuck with it because I really value the personal connection it creates. I love listening and helping people understand what sort of website will work best for their business needs/problem

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