Should you DIY your Shopify website?

If you’re a seller, you’ve probably heard about Shopify. Shopify is a popular website platform that allows entrepreneurs to create their own modern online stores. But is building your own Shopify website the right choice? Let’s explore the advantages and disadvantages of taking the DIY approach, providing insights for product-based businesses researching the best eCommerce solutions.

Pros of building your own Shopify website:

Save Money

If you’re just starting out, you’re probably on a tight budget. DIY-ing your websites saves you money that can be invested elsewhere. There are many free resources online, including thousands of YouTube tutorials, and Shopify’s own training academy, that will walk you through the process of creating your own online shop.

You’ll learn all the Shopify ins and outs

By diving into DIY-ing your Shopify website you’ll quickly become familiar with the platform. This will give you the confidence to manage your own website without having to hire a designer or developer.

Building your own website is a great accomplishment!

Creating your own website, particularly an eCommerce one, is a gigantic challenge with lots of mountains to climb. Successfully doing it all yourself is an incredible achievement, which will give you the confidence to take on more challenges such as learning how to scale your store with Google and Instagram Ads.

Here are some of the cons of building your own Shopify website:

Time and learning curve

Building a professional-looking Shopify website takes time and effort. If you already have many responsibilities, finding extra time for website design and development might be challenging. And by time we’re talking months! There are many moving parts when it comes to eCommerce and you’re going to need to learn them all.

You’re going to need to learn a completely new tool

Even though Shopify’s user interface is easy-to-use, you’re still going to need to learn how to use it from scratch. This may be challenging if new technology frustrates or overwhelms you.

You’re not a designer

Designers spend years honing their craft. So if you have high standards for the look and feel of your website, DIY-ing might frustrate you. You might have a particular look in mind for your online store, but achieving that will be harder than you think if you lack design experience or training.

To summarize:

DIY-ing your Shopify website is for you if:

  • You’ve got time to spend learning a completely new technology tool (setting up your own Shopify store might take months).
  • You are comfortable with learning new tech (and love the challenge).
  • You have a tight budget with nothing to spare on a professional Shopify designer.

Working with a Shopify designer is for you if:

  • You want to launch a Shopify website quickly and efficiently.
  • You’re looking for eCommerce guidance to help you choose the right tools, apps and settings for your store.
  • You want someone to hold your hand and show you how best to use / manage your Shopify store.
  • You’ve got high standards for your brand and want a beautiful, conversion-optimized and user-friendly website that doesn’t look cookie cutter or DIY-ed.

Looking to invest in a designer-made Shopify website?

I’m Meg, founder and designer behind Nutmeg. I specialize in crafting charming, conversion-optimized Shopify websites with a dash of soul for brave-hearted ambitious sellers around the world.

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