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Free course launching on 17th April 2023

A free, step-by-step course to get you started with email marketing

The truth is you don’t own your social media following. Something awful could happen, like getting hacked or blocked, and you’d lose your entire audience overnight. It’s terrifying to think like this… but it happens to many.

You 100% own your email subscriber list. No matter what happens, it’s yours forever. No one can randomly take it away from you. That’s why building a subscriber audience is so important.

Email marketing also offers the highest return on investment of any other marketing channel. And it’s low cost – follow my course to set it up at no cost (except the time it takes you).

Use email marketing to build meaningful relationships with your audience; real connections that are hard to build anywhere else.

Done right, with a dash soul and strategy, email marketing will help you sell more.

In my free course (launching 17.04.2023), you'll discover:

  1. How to get started with email marketing. I’ll share my favourite free email marketing app that you can use to easily start creating and sending out beautiful branded email campaigns and automations.
  2. How to get more people to join your mailing list. This includes offer ideas so you can create something valuable to offer your subscribers.
  3. Welcoming your new subscribers. Plan and write your welcome sequence content with my free template and follow my tutorial video to learn how to design your own beautiful branded welcome sequence.
  4. How to connect everything to your website.
  5. Go live – next steps including ideas on how to promote your offer and nurture your list.

Bonus – after the course I’ll send you a free ebook containing everything you’ve learned and all the free templates included in the course. You’ll also get access to my free Chat GPT masterclass showing you how to use AI to write your welcome sequence content.

After the course you’ll feel confident using email marketing to grow your business.

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