My 3 favourite Shopify themes for lifestyle and wellness brands

The Shopify theme store is home to some gorgeous Shopify theme designs.

Here are my three current favourites that are great options for wellness and lifestyle brands:


By Fluorescent Design Inc

I love all Fluorescent themes, but Lorenza is one of my all-time favorites. Its minimal, elegant and high-end design makes it an ideal option for brands that want their beautiful imagery and video content to shine.

View the demo here.


By Invisible Themes

We used Broadcast as the base for Soul Design’s Shopify redesign project (read the case study here). I fell in love with this gorgeous, versatile theme that’s got a range of conversion-focused features.

View the demo here.


By Superfine

This is one of the newest Shopify 2.0 themes that caught my eye. It’s perfect for lifestyle brands that are looking for creative styling that feels elegant and minimal. 

View the demo here.

How to choose a Shopify theme

Choosing the perfect theme for your new Shopify eCommerce website can feel exciting and overwhelming. There are so many beautiful themes to choose from.

Here’s my advice for finding the right theme:

Understand what you like about a theme demo

Found a few themes you love?

Pause and consider what exactly you like about each design.

Is it the images, the fonts, the colours, the layout, the header (top section where your logo and navigation menu go), the overall layout, a certain feature?

If you love the images, fonts and colours, these are features that can be changed on every Shopify theme so you shouldn’t base your decision on this.

But if you’re loving a particular feature or the way the sections have been styled, then that is theme specific.

Shopify themes are quite similar when it comes to the sections each has. The major difference lies in how the theme sections have been styled. That’s what makes a theme look different from the rest.

You’ll notice this in my favorite themes above – Lorenza and Handmade are very different when it comes to section styling. Many of Handmade’s sections have an asymmetrical, off-grid and unique layout (arrangement of elements on the web page). Lorenza utilizes a more classic grid layout.

Create a shortlist of 2 – 3 themes. Try them out in your store. 

With Shopify you can test run all themes from the theme store by installing them on your website before committing to buying them. You can then play around with the customiser settings including homepage sections and the product page design to see what options are available with each theme. You only need to buy the theme when you decide to publish.

Need help?

I’m a Shopify Design Partner specialising in store setups.

My service includes helping you identify and try out the perfect Shopify theme for your niche.

Learn more about my Shopify service here.

Or read about how I helped this brand increase online sales by over 63% after we redesigned their Shopify website using the Broadcast theme.

My 3 favourite Shopify eCommerce themes for lifestyle and wellness brands

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