KIORA jewellery

Brand Identity Design + Shopify Website

High-end design that feels feminine, creative
and sincere

A personal project for a fictional brand

Instagram side business turned thriving ecommerce brand. 

For many new entrepreneurs, social media offers the perfect space to test out products. After all, you don’t need to invest much other than time in order to see if you; 1. enjoy running and growing a business and 2. If that business or product is viable. That was the case for Kiora, a side hustle turned thriving Instagram business.

Owner Meredith, a silversmith by trade, started Kiora in 2019. She created her own logo in Canva and used Instagram and Etsy to market and sell her necklaces, bracelets and rings. As her business grew, it became clear that she needed her own dedicated ecommerce website for the brand.  She needed an automated online sales process (selling off Instagram without a website was taking up all her time) and a website that reflected the skill and expertise that went in to creating and sourcing her jewellery range. This was also the perfect moment to elevate her branding, creating a bespoke brand identity that would appeal to her target customers, instead of a generic Canva logo.

See below for the gorgeous results.



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