Have you ever felt panicky or anxious when using a website?

This was the exact way I felt when assessing my longstanding client’s old website (before we transformed it).

In a nutshell – the website was terribly designed (by a marketing agency).

But what exactly made me feel panicky?

I unpacked this feeling to deepen my understanding of what exactly makes a website easy or difficult to use.

Here’s what I came up with:

#1 Badly structured and written copy

The copy used many complicated words. The sentences were long. I had to think so hard to make sense of it. Basically – it was difficult to understand what the business was about (wildlife conservation field trips for young people).

Copy is essential. It should be clear, simple, and to the point.

It must be clear what a business is all about / what it’s selling within 5 seconds.

#2 Confusing navigation link names

I remember thinking that the links in the navigation didn’t make sense. They weren’t descriptive or clear.

A website’s navigation system should be simple, with minimal links (ideally no more than 6 main links). Think of it as a way to direct people to the most important pages.

#3 No clear call to action

This website had no call to action that popped out. Clear call to actions show people what to do next (ie – click a button / sign up to a mailing list / make an inquiry). This makes their experience easier and simpler, which is good for business.

#4 Unprofessional design that didn’t work on smartphones

This business’s website design was messy and ugly. There was no design system. It didn’t work on smartphones.

It was so rewarding to help this business transform their website into something user-friendly and results-driven. I helped them craft clear and simple copy and created a modern, conversion-focused design that immediately helped them increase inquiries + mailing list sign ups.

Does your website leave you feeling panicky and anxious?

Let’s chat about how I can help you transform it into something beautiful that gives you newfound confidence in your brand.

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