Bespoke eCommerce Service for established and growing product-based businesses

Optimising, planning and building new digital storefronts for growth-focused online retailers

Helping your business optimise, plan and build a new digital storefront

Bespoke eCommerce Service for established and growing
product-based businesses

Who this service is for:

How this service works

We start the process by taking a deeper look at exactly what your business needs and why.

We look at:

  • Your current situation / eCommerce set up.
  • Your business goals / where you want to be.
  • Problems your business is currently facing (if you currently have an eCommerce website).

After the consulting phase, we move to proposing solutions. This involves creating an eCommerce roadmap defining:

  • eCommerce project scope of work.
  • Project timeline and deliverables.
  • Technical feature list for your eCommerce website.
  • Estimated project costing.

We design and build your new eCommerce website according to the project scope of work and technical feature list.

This service includes website training for the team and 30 days’ tech support after going live.

The outcome

Project Process

Our work process for completing your eCommerce project:

1. Discovery | project proposal

This phase is the consulting, discovery and planning phase. It involves:  reaching out to us and requesting a project estimate (which you can do here). We will then schedule a discovery call to further discuss your business + requirements so we can map out a project proposal and quotation, which includes a website feature and functionality list, integrations required and goals/objectives for the project.

2. Designing the look and feel

This phase is all about designing the look, feel and flow of your new eCommerce website, starting with a website style guide and design mockups. 

3. Developing functionality | gathering feedback

This phase is about building out the eCommerce functionalities and integrations included in your project. It’s also about reviewing the website and providing feedback.

4. Testing | prepping to go live

This phase includes: testing the website across a number of devices and screen sizes; testing eCommerce functionality and automations, including email marketing integrations; and prepping the website to go live. Every eCommerce package includes 7 days’ tech support after going live and website video training for people  and teams who want to manage and maintain their own websites.