Do visitors trust your website?

Your website is your digital storefront. Just like a physical store on the high street or in a mall, it should make online shoppers stop, take a closer look, and step inside your brand’s world.

Even if you have the most incredible products, people won’t buy from you if they don’t trust your website. Do visitors trust your website?

Ways to improve trust:

1. Show real customer reviews, especially on your homepage, landing pages and product pages. Bonus points for photo reviews!

2. Use high-quality imagery
You can’t expect people to trust you if you don’t show them high-quality imagery of your products, especially if you are selling luxury products.

3. Create a professional website that works across devices
If your website looks DIY-ed, doesn’t work properly on mobile phones, or looks outdated, then visitors won’t trust you enough to buy from you.

4. Branding that communicates your value and connects with your target audience
Branding is: your logo, the colours you use, the fonts you use, the style of images your use and the words you write. Branding is an important way to build trust and connection.

5. Clear and easy-to-find store policies and contact details
Policies such as shipping rates, returns and refunds should be clear and easy to find on your website. Your store address, phone and email details should also be easy to find. Create an FAQs page or section to further build trust.

6. Secure payments and a range of payment options
In my experience, having more payment options is better – customers like to be able to choose a payment method they’re familiar with and trust. Always consider your target customers when planning out payment options. Did you know that older South African shoppers prefer to pay by EFT?

7. A thoughtful about page
Write authentic copy and show real images of your team and business (behind-the-scenes videos are great for building trust).

8. Welcome new subscribers with a sequence of 3 – 4 short and friendly emails that will help them get to know your brand & products.

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