Conversion optimisation isn’t just for big businesses (how to turn more of your website visitors into shoppers)

Many small business owners believe that conversion optimisation is something that only bigger businesses can do.

But this simply isn’t true.

In my experience, many online stores are missing some basic elements that are likely hurting conversion rates. Fixing these is an essential starting point to help you turn more of your website’s browsers into shoppers (and this is exactly what conversion optimisation is all about).

So what are these basic elements?

13 website fundamentals to help you turn more browsers into shoppers:

(Getting these right will help your website get more sales):

1. Communicating what makes your brand / product range unique and making it clear why someone should buy from you (and not your competitors).

2. Professional branding.

3. A smartphone-optimised and user-friendly website design.

4. Easy-to-understand navigation system that doesn’t overwhelm with too many choices.

5. Writing an authentic (non-generic) about page that builds connection and trust.

6. Creating Bestseller collections, upsells and cross-sells to make your customers’ shopping journey easier.

7. Showcasing high-quality images (especially important on your homepage and product pages).

8. Writing engaging + persuasive product descriptions.

9. Showing real customer reviews (and having a plan in place to grow reviews).

10. Ensuring essential store policies like Returns & Refunds and Shipping policies are clear and easy-to-find.

11. Transparent, fair and competitive delivery rates.

12. Offering different ways to pay.

13. Showing trust symbols like payment method logos.

Conversion optimisation starts with building strong foundations. Get these right and you’re all set for investing in paid ads / AB testing etc.

About Meg

I’m a web designer based in Stellenbosch, South Africa. My mission is to help small businesses create beautiful, user-friendly websites so they can grow sales and inquiries with confidence.

I work with brands around the world and specialise in Shopify and WordPress websites.

I’ve been working with digital media for over a decade now. Without doubt, website rebuilds and makeovers are my favourite sorts of projects.

There’s something so satisfying about helping to transform a brand’s online space into a website they’re proud and excited to share knowing it’s designed to get results.