Check-in with your mindset

I’ve come to understand that these 3 things are vital to building a sustainable and successful business:

  1. An amazing value-driven service or product.
  2. Work processes that keep everything organised and streamlined, including your sanity and the customer buying or client experience.
  3. Your mindset.

Last week I checked in with my mindset. Turns out she wasn’t doing so well. Truth be told, I had lost sight of my value amidst all the craziness of what’s going on in the world. Many of my business decisions were coming from a place of ‘not good enough’, of overwhelm and fear.

If I hadn’t intentionally decided to look at how I was viewing myself and my service, I would have stayed in the same place, under-valuing my business, under-valuing my 13 + years experience in communications and digital marketing, under-valuing my journey, my knowledge, my strength and my uniqueness.

“She remembered who she was and the game changed.” – Lalah Deliah

So how do you climb back up? How do you remember your value and start communicating it to those who matter?

It starts with being mindful about your thoughts and opinions. Check-in with your mindset, daily. Start journaling if that’s your thing (it really helps to get clear on how you value yourself and affirm your value) and curate a list of success mantras or affirmations that you look at daily before your workday begins (I’ve listed mine in my task board on Trello).

Pause before making any big decisions, and ask yourself, “Does what I’m about to do align with my personal and business values?” “Do I want to do it?” Does it feel right?” “Does it align with my business goals?”.

Answer these questions:

What makes my business unique? What do my clients value about what I do? And what lifts my business head and shoulders above the competition?

It’s actually good if you realise you do need to improve some things; that’s how you take your business to the next level. “Progress over perfection.”

After all the inner work and soul searching, I’m starting the week feeling stronger, in a better headspace, ready to conquer the epic todo list, launch an incredible new website for one of my clients and show up more.

Some of the affirmations I’m loving right now:

  • I intend to feel successful and attract prosperity.
  • Each day I get closer to realizing my business goals.
  • I can easily manifest any goal I set for myself.
  • My business makes me and other people happy.
  • My business is growing just the way I want.
  • I am successful and make a difference.
  • I am grateful for the endless opportunities that I have.
  • Successful and supportive people are attracted to me.
  • I am worthy of money.
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