5 compelling reasons to move your eCommerce website to Shopify

Shopify is a user-friendly, all-in-one eCommerce platform, suitable for both start-up and established merchants. It’s also the fastest growing eCommerce platform in the world, with the developers focused on innovation and improving the platform for online shoppers and store owners. I love it because it’s clean and easy to use; simpler than WordPress or any other platform I’ve tried.

I have seen big, established merchants move to Shopify and this blog post addresses some of the reasons why a switch to Shopify might also make perfect business and operational sense for your eCommerce website/business.

Reason 1: With Shopify, you and your in-house team can easily manage your own online store, without having to call a developer every time you need to make one small update or change.

Before starting my own business, I worked at a fast-paced digital agency. One of our clients included an established footwear brand with a presence in 3 countries and a busy + successful eCommerce website. Their eCommerce website was probably built in about 2009 or 2010, back when almost all eCommerce websites were custom designed and developed.

This website had a custom content management system (CMS) to edit and publish products and webpages designed in html. I helped with updating the website’s pages, and all of this was done through a program called Adobe Dreamweaver, which used to be the most popular way to manage html websites.

The problem with this system was that it was clunky and complicated. The brand’s in-house marketing team needed to call us (the agency) every time they needed to make a change or update the website’s html pages (which included the homepage, about page and blog). The in-house team were able to update products, but regularly encountered problems with the setup and had to call for assistance.

In 2015, the brand decided to move their website to Shopify. With Shopify, they no longer needed to worry about web hosting as this was included in their Shopify’s plan. With Shopify, they were also able to manage the entire website in-house, which improved efficiency and reduced expenses, plus their website no longer ‘broke’. Shopify was (and still is) the perfect scale-able solution for their established and growing eCommerce business.

Reason 2: You’re tired of worrying about website hosting (and unreliable web hosting companies)

Web hosting is complicated and sometimes things go wrong, leading to your website going offline. On Shopify, fast, cloud-based web hosting is included in all plans. The benefit of this is that you, the business owner, never need to worry about web hosting.

You also don’t have to worry about whether your website is loading too slowly, which is often a concern for websites on budget-friendly, shared web hosting plans. Slow websites = less conversions. Shopify’s service includes fully-managed cloud hosting, which is fast, reliable and far superior to shared hosting when it comes to performance.

Reason 3: You just want something simpler and better.

Shopify’s user interface is cleaner, more modern and easier-to-use than any other website platform (including WordPress, Squarespace, Magento and Wix/Weebly).

Reason 4: Shopify makes it easy to seamlessly integrate your website with vital marketing channels such as Facebook and Instagram Shop, Facebook Messenger selling and Google Ads / Shopping Ads

Out of all the website building platforms I’ve used, Shopify is the easiest to integrate with Facebook Shop and Instagram Shop (that amazing feature where you can tag products and link them directly to your store). It’s also relatively straightforward to sync your site with Google’s Merchant Centre (for shopping ads that appear in Google search results).

Reason 5: Scalability

The ability to scale a business is imperative for success. With Shopify Plus, an enterprise-grade solution is available when you need it. Once enrolled, you’ll be assigned a dedicated Merchant Success Manager. They’ll be able to help you define your business goals and position you for future growth. There are also many Shopify experts who can help you create more custom solutions and experiences for your online customers, including custom theme development and apps to extend functionality.

Helping your business move to Shopify

Nutmeg is a boutique web studio specialising in eCommerce websites. As official Shopify Partners, we can help you move your website to Shopify. All eCommerce packages include a Discovery and Strategy phase to help you identify the right eCommerce solution for your growing business. Contact us here for more information.

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