28 beautiful and empowering affirmations to uplift you and your business

There have many moments in my journey as an entrepreneur when I’ve felt overwhelmed. Growing a business is not an easy journey, and there are times when it’s difficult to see the way forwards.

I only recently started using affirmations. Truthfully, I used to think they were silly. But… I’ve since changed my mind about them. They hold power.

As I walk further along this road of entrepreneurship, one thing I’ve started to realise is that my mindset is so deeply connected to my success. And the best way to cultivate a success mindset is to be intentional about the words I use. Affirmations are powerful. They set the intention. They are beautiful and necessary reminders and they shift my thoughts and energy from negative to positive.

Here are 28 of my favourite one’s:

How to use affirmations

Choose a few that resonate with you. Write them out and put them somewhere you’ll see them. Every morning read them and say them (out loud or in your head). Let the words guide your actions and thoughts throughout the day. Try this for one week and see if it makes a difference to how you’re feeling about your business.

Another health-related one I’ve just started using is this: I’m curious about what a sugar-free life feels like. I’ve written it out and stuck it to my bedroom mirror. Yes… I’m trying to quit sugar and everything I’ve tried up until now hasn’t worked. So I decided to do a mindset shift. I will let you know how it goes… I’m feeling optimistic.

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