10 thought-provoking questions to help you create a more distinctive brand message

One of the ways to connect on a deeper level with your audience and ideal clients or customers, is to spend time crafting your brand’s messaging.

But for everyone who’s not a marketer, working on brand messaging can feel like a daunting challenge. Where to even start?

Well… the best place to start is to by asking yourself or your team some thought-provoking questions. Read through the questions below and then create a Google Doc or Notes file to record your answers. You should return to these questions every few months or so, refining and tweaking your answers. This will help you to articulate your brand’s core value in all that you do; design, marketing and content creation.

Crafting brand messaging takes time. It doesn’t happen in an instant (nothing worthwhile does). 

Thought-provoking questions to ask yourself:

– What transformation do you help your customers or clients achieve?
– What would a dream testimonial for your business say?
– What are some of the concerns your customers or clients have before buying your products / services?
– What makes you different?
– How do your ideal customers or clients find you and what makes them buy from you and not your competitors?
– What does your brand care about?
– Who do you really want to work with / sell to? Why?
– How could you reach more of those people / connect with them on a deeper and more emotional level?
– What’s the story behind what you do? Why did you start? What keeps you going? Why should people care?
– What sort of impact is your brand having on the world around it?

Building a distinctive brand takes time and effort

But the end result is so worth it… you attract the people you truly want to work with and sell to.  You know what to say on social media and on your website. You communicate with confidence and clarity. The transformation is deep and amazing.


Meg, founder / web designer here at Nutmeg Studio.

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